Carbon-Free Renewable Energy

GOAL: A carbon-free energy grid by 2050

The incremental energy upgrade targets outlined in Achieving Zero accelerate market demand and the creation of a new financial mechanisms to develop locally-based renewable energy. In traditional energy utility models, renewable energy systems are centrally developed and accessed through rate premiums. While utility scale deployment of renewables will continue, Achieving Zero also supports renewable energy systems that are locally developed and owned through community partnerships. This option allows for diverse participation in renewable energy generation and provides communities the opportunity to mitigate the risks of climate-based disruptions. The accelerated development of distributed renewable energy complements energy upgrades and supports the electrification and decarbonization of building systems and transportation infrastructure.


  • Allow a portion of building energy reductions to be satisfied through the on-site installation or local procurement of renewable energy
  • Establish financing mechanisms to support the development of private, locally-based and community owned renewable energy systems

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